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Getting started with Social Media For Authors (Book Launch Social Media Template Preview)

Updated: Jun 20

Not sure how to advertise your book on social media?

Get a quick and easy way to organize your social media posts for your book launch using my Social Media Post Template. The template used in this video is 1 of 6 in my Book Launch Success Kit that helped me make $2200 in book sales before my books were published.

In this video, I share:

👉🏾Social media scheduling apps that save time

👉🏾Tips of when to post to still be effective

👉🏾Examples of fully completed posts from my book launch

Social media is a great way to get the word out there about your book, but it’s important to be strategic about it. On this template, I've included four major social media platforms which you can adjust as needed. Additionally the template includes how one post might be adjusted to fit the different platforms.

The resource also includes a few tips about what to do with some of the platforms and some scheduling tool options. Yes, there are social media scheduling tools that allow you to write out a post ahead of time and then it auto posts at the designated time.

If you would like to use this template or get more information about how to have a successful book launch, check out my Book Launch Success Kit that's linked below.

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