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5 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Great For Authors

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Have you considered podcasts features to help market your book?

No, Not Yet. Well let me tell you, you might want to "reconsider and read some literature on the matter." Podcasts are a free and or low-cost marketing tool you need to add to your book marketing back pocket asap.

  1. People listen to them over and over. Imagine if you could record something once and people listen to it for weeks, months, or years to come? Kinda like songs, podcasts are replayed continuously and aren't generally date specific. That means when someone finds the podcast, your feature will be introduced to someone new without you having to do extra work.

  2. They're free 99. I've had a business for 5 years and have yet to pay to be a featured guest. Some do require that you pay to appear, but you can determine if those are ones you really would like to be on or keep it moving to another option. Podcasts that feature guests are continuously looking for folks to feature and generally don't charge.

  3. They already have your ideal reader listening. Picking a podcast that's tailored to your ideal reader/customer means that you've already found folks who are more likely to shop with you. Successful podcasts already focus on specific topics for a group of people who return week after week for specialized content. Become a part of that content by being a guest.

  4. They're easy to do! Not only can you be a podcast guest from the comfort of your phone, but many don't require you to be on camera! In most cases, all you need is headphones, no distractions, and a desire to share your topic.

  5. They position you as an expert. Being featured and shared with someone else's audience helps to build credibility in your field and widens your audience to new followers.


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