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Sell More Books With Friends And Family

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Not sure of the best way to get friends and family on board to help sell your book? Get organized with my Book Launch Promo Partner Template. The template used in this video is 1 part of my Book Launch Success Kit that helped me make $2200 in book sales before my books were published. It makes it easy for friends, family, and followers to help spread the word even if they aren't buying the book.

In this blog post, I share how:

👉🏾Make it easy for friends, family, and followers to promote your book

👉🏾Answer frequently asked questions during your busy book release season

👉🏾How to organize your book release items to help your support system advertise for you

  • Do you have folks that follow your journey on social media and are excited about your book’s release?

  • Know somebody who needs to have a copy of your book?

  • Have friends or family who your book isn’t for, but they’re eager to support your book launch?

My first book, New Mom Thoughts, Real Questions for Moms with Real Feelings was for new moms who had just had a baby. At the time of its release, this book’s topic wasn’t for my friends and family, BUT they were very excited to help advertise and share the book with others. Though I was super thankful for their support, I needed to find a way for them to help me efficiently and effectively while I was in the middle of switching jobs during the pandemic with a 6-month-old. Let’s just say, ya girl was busy!

That’s why I developed my Promo Partnership Templates! This is for those fabulous family members and friends who just want to help out and support, but aren’t exactly sure how. So instead of waiting for them to comment under an unrelated picture on Facebook asking me for my book link, I devised a plan. And fortunately for you, you can use it too!

My Promo Partnerships Template helps guide your supporters on exactly what to do to help support your book launch. It gives them very specific details about

  • what you’d like folks to do to help spread the word

  • when you would like them to do it

  • how they can do it

These all seem very simple, however, if you’re someone who’s aiming for an impact on social media, through email, or to reach Amazon Best Seller status, then having a coordinated launch plan is key.

Bonus Tip: Build a Promo Website

Instead of just listing out the items needed on a document, I also created a website for promo partners to be able to have access to the components they needed. Here are some items included:

  • Pictures they could post

  • Schedules of when to post items or to share

  • Directions on how to reach out if they had questions

Though you don’t have to do a full-blown website for your

book launch, just remember to make it very easy for people to support you by sharing exactly what you'd like them to do.

If this is a template that you'd find helpful for you, check out the links below.

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