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How I Sold 1000 Copies In 1 Year

Updated: May 29

Tired of your book not selling?

Want to know what you can do as a new author to get sales or increase sales for a book that’s already out?

Then this is the blog post for you!

It's ok! This is common for new and first-time authors, so don't worry! Here are the ways I sold 1000 books in my first year as an author. PLUS, most are free!

  1. Write a book people want to read! I know this sounds silly, but your book isn't for you. It's for your readers. My books are for audiences that already have a large following across the world (Daniel Fast and new moms), so there is always a steady stream of people looking for support on the topics of my books. If your book is already out, you are able to make adjustments to it without using a new ISBN. Amazon allows you to 10-15% of changes before considering it a new book.

  2. Have a marketing strategy. Whatever your method is to market your book, be consistent. Podcasts, guest speaking events, and partnering with organizations are great ways to get consistent sales.

  3. Use your keywords and description to your advantage. Make your book stand out with optimized keywords and make your description scream to your reader that they need to order a copy.

  4. Launch your book instead of just releasing it. Having an actual book launch instead of just publishing is a phenomenal way to support your book's release. This could include a launch party, promo partners, brand partnerships, and more to help announce the arrival of your book baby. Just because you write it, it doesn't mean they're gonna come. So, throw some razzle-dazzle on that thing, and let's introduce your book the right way! (Oh, and don't worry, if your book is already out, you can still do a long-haul launch or relaunch.) Need ideas about your launch? Check out my $10k Cookbook Presale Case Study.

  5. Don't wait until your book is out to start telling folks about it! This is a huge mistake that authors make which can have you missing out on sales. Just like the internet aunties we know and love, folks want to hear about your book and the writing process. Share the good, the bad, and the ugly with your audience so they can become a part of the process.

Check out my Book Launch Success Kit to get the exact templates I used to make $2200 in presales and create raving fans for my launch.

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