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4 Ways To Get More Reviews

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Struggling to get reviews?

It's ok! Here's how I got 200 reviews on my Daniel Fast 21 Day Food and Faith Journal. My mom book, New Mom Thoughts, is still on the reviews struggle bus, so I'll use these strategies to increase reviews on that book.

1. Think beyond Amazon. Ok now, I know we're obsessed with getting reviews ON Amazon, but what about those that AREN'T on Amazon? Who's mama texted you sharing excitement about reading your book? Which bestie texted you saying they got copies for all their other friends? Find a way to capture those and repost, show appreciation, and/or get them to move their love to Amazon by…

2. Ask for them. There's software you can use to automate this or kick it old school with a phone call or text. Simply asking people to leave a review for your book still works. Give them time to read it, share appreciation, and then ask them to leave a review letting others know their experience. PLUS bonus points if you send them the direct review link to your book so all they have to do is log in and rate.

3. Create A vibe with your book. If you have beta/advanced readers of your book, ask them to have their review ready and uploaded to Amazon before your book launch. That way when folks head to purchase your book, there are already folks telling them how great it is. If they leave a video review, that's even better! Ask anyone who helped in the creation process of your book (besides your immediate family) to consider leaving feedback about your creation. Find your peeps and they'll be more than happy to express themselves about your work.

4. Write a dope book. Now this one is kind of an understood thing, but make sure your book is a wonderful piece of work worth leaving a review on. Support your readers with bonus materials so they'll actually finish the book. Provide amazing customer service that leaves a lasting impression. Folks paid good money to purchase your work, so make it worth their while!

Ask folks if you can spotlight them and make them into featured posts on your social media or email list. People love to be in the limelight, so reach out to those who have sent you a text message, email, commented on a photo, etc to ask them if you can feature them and their review of your book. Make a graphic on a site like Canvas and ask them for a picture and bam! Others get encouraged to leave a review and you also show appreciation for those who already did.

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24 sept. 2023

These are not tips to get more reviews. These are things you should be doing anyways. Give us solid tips….like review sites, ARC reviews, etc. not some bs about writing a dope book. Sheesh.

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