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Brand Partnership Media Kit Template Overview

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Want to look professional with brands?

Looking for a streamlined process for brands to help you promote your book?

Make it easy for influencers, organizations, podcasters, etc., to support you with my Book Launch Brand Media Kit Template.

The template used in this video is 1 part of my Book Launch Success Kit which helped me make $2200 in book sales before my books were published.

In this blog post, I share:

👉🏾How to professionally organize your assets for brands

👉🏾The types of items that would be helpful to organizations or influencers when promoting your book

👉🏾How to increase the chances that a brand will say yes to your request to promote your book

Within this kit, you’ll find:

  • Examples from my first book launch for New Mom Thoughts

  • A walk-through of how to use the resources

  • Important links to include to make promotion run smoothly

  • One trick that encourages brands to work with you

When you are filling the template out, you'll notice that there are words in bold print and brackets. Those are the portions that you need to make edits to.

Simply remove the bold words and type in the things that apply to you in this document.

If you do not already have this template and you'd like to dig into it and get a little bit more information about it, you can check out the links below.

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