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How To Order Author Copies On IngramSpark

Updated: Jun 20

Self-published on IngramSpark and need to order copies of your book? Follow these steps to purchase your books at a special author price.

IngramSpark is the world's largest wholesale book distributor. It is where stores or other large distributors purchase your book. This is not where individuals would come and find your book like they would on Amazon. However, they do send books to Amazon if for some reason your book was not able to be fulfilled through KDP. If you're listed there, then IngramSpark would fulfill your order. If your book was not listed on KDP at all, then IngramSpark will push your book to KDP.

This is how to purchase a book from IngramSpark.

Find the book that you want to purchase from.

If you've done a couple of different versions, whether you have your perfect bound - that's the paperback, or case laminate - that's a hardcover, make sure you're purchasing the right one. Click the place order button.

Add the order quantity.

Once you have clicked your version, you can then change the number to however many you’d like. I do want to point out the price difference between Amazon and IngramSpark. For my 152 page book, it's $4.47 to print a copy on IngramSpark. On Amazon, the same book is $2.57 to print. Part of that is because Amazon is a monopoly, and they have a huge conglomerate of being able to make things more cheaply than a smaller run business like IngramSpark. So just keep that in mind. Let's say we order 10. Don’t forget to click update order, and then it will adjust the pricing. Once you do that, it will then update the amount - it’ll show at $44.70 for me, ordering 10 books. If you have a promo code, you can use it and you can adjust your shipping.

Shipment takes a while.

A little popup will show that paperback printing on average is running five business days and hardcover printing is 10 business days. So, it will take five business days for them to print your books. Based on whichever shipping option you pick, you would add those days on top of that to get a total delivery estimate. For context, the shipping does take quite a while and they are not offering express or rush shipping at this time of me writing this blog post.. but of course it could change. Currently, they have the economy service where you can't rush your book. Basic shipping is just your standard shipping, and they also have a handling fee along with taxes.

Take into consideration that when looking at printing your book through Ingram, you might want to take the total shipping costs and then divide it by the price per book. Since I did 10 books, each book has cost me about $6, which is still reasonable.

When you're ready, check out.

Finally you would submit your order and pay as you normally would on any other website

Let me know in the comments below, have you printed your books through IngramSpark before?

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