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Book Sales On Ingram Spark (Royalties)

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Published your book on IngramSpark, but not sure how to track sales? Confused on how Ingram Spark works? Want to know how many books you've sold in a certain time period? Then, this blog post is for you!

Difference between sales on Amazon KDP vs Ingram Spark's royalties dashboards

One thing to remember about Ingram spark is that it’s not a site where people are ordering individual copies of your books. This is where stores or other larger distributors are purchasing your books. Mine are available at, Barnes and, Books-A-Million, and hundreds of other stores across the world. Orders are going to be from places where you won't get to see who purchases your book, unfortunately, and you'll just be able to see how much they purchase.

How to use the reports feature on the site

Once you log into your account, you will go to Reports and then you'll see a couple of different options on the left hand side. You can click whichever you would like whether it’s for eBooks or for Print Sales which is the paperback and hard covers. Those are going to be the two that you are most likely to use. . The other options are not necessarily needed if you are self-publishing.

Click on Print Sales. Here, you can actually decide the timeframe that you'd like to see your sales. It can't be longer than a year, but you can do a year ago. For example, if you wanted to do last calendar year, it'll automatically adjust it for you. If you wanted to do the current year to the current day, then it'll do that for you too. You can also just select different options by toggling through the month. If you only wanted to see sales individually, then the operating unit will show it for you from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and their currency. Since Ingram Spark pushes your books out to different places across the world, you would want to select all of currencies Lastly, if you're pulling a report from longer than a certain time period, then you won't be able to see your display within the website. Instead, it'll email it to you.

You don't have to do the Optional Filter Criteria, but if you wanted to search for just one book, you would insert the ISBN number. A simpler way is to just add the book's title or to add the author’s name. But again, you could leave this entire section blank and it'll just pull all of the books that you've sold in the time period that you've selected.

How to pull a report of your sales from IngramSpark

The Output Format will give options of how your information will be displayed. It'll show an HTML version or if you want to get it emailed, then just select email delivery which you’ll get a PDF. You can also get an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet is not the easiest to read so I would suggest that you do the PDF. Or you could just do the HTML and submit. If you’ve chosen greater than a hundred days, you should however select the email option to get a copy of that report.

How to find out how many books you've sold

Check your email for the PDF report pulled from your chosen timeframe. It will show you the market, how many books were sold from that time period, and how much money you made from those books that were sold. There are some pros and cons with this versus the KDP version, but if you're somebody that likes to have files for it, having a PDF is nice to have for your record’s sake.

Please let me know in the comments below if this has been helpful.

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