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Find Your People

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

As an author, we know that we have to play the long game when it comes to our results: from writing to sales to notoriety. Today I’m here to share one way that could get you on the fast track if you are strategic: Finding your people.

Yes of course you write your book for you, but you mostly should be writing your book for your readers. Readers are the ones who buy our books and let us know that our work changed their lives, helped them through a rough time, or lifted them up.

It’s easy to just think of your readers as those who read your books, but today, I want you to think bigger. You’re a writer and that means more than books. It mean blog posts, articles, interviews, and other mediums to help get your message and expertise out there to the people. Your people.

Today’s message is about a site that can help make that a little easier for you: HARO aka Help a Reporter Out. This site “connects journalists seeking expertise to include in their content with sources who have that expertise.”

And yes, the experts I’m talking about today is you! Yes ma’am, yes sir, you’re an expert, and it’s time to let other folks know as well. HARO includes reporters from small, medium, and large outlets like the HuffPost, local news stations, and even other heavy hitters like Time Magazine.

Each blurb is 300 words or less, so it’s not a ton to write, but also means you need to be specific to stand out.

The blog post was a round up of experts giving advice on book marketing strategies that work. And if you’ve been around here for a bit, you know that book marketing is kinda my thing, so I felt pretty qualified to give my 2 cents.

Once you set up your account, be sure to choose the categories that interest you most so you’ll get those listings that fit your areas of expertise. And since you’ll get 1-3 emails a day stay tuned for my next email where I’ll share tips of how to not have your inbox lookin’ a mess from these inquiries. Until then, make a folder and choose a time of day to read through the options to decide which ones you want to submit a blurb.

Head over to to sign up for your account and then think through 3-5 topics that you’d like to be featured for so you’re ready to apply when the time comes.


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