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Amazon KDP Print Price Changes - Update Yours Today

Updated: Aug 27

Recently KDP announced that they’ll have changes to their print costs which means the amount you make per book will change. This also means that your royalties will change as well. Check out this video to see:

💜What Amazon’s new price changes mean for you

💜How to check new print costs for books

💜How to update your book costs

💜How to check your new royalty per book

💜Why you will want to make these changes

Did this video help you? Share with another self published/ indie author to help them make their changes. Open the print cost calculator to use while watching the video.

What did you decide to do? Change your book cost or absorb it? Let me know in the comments below!

NOTE: If you're reading this after June 20, 2023, the message on KDP will not appear across the top. You will still want to go in and edit your print costs to make sure you're happy with the royalties with the new print costs. Here's how to see how much your books cost with the new pricing.

Links Used:

Amazon KDP Print Cost Calculator

Help Resource for Print Cost Changes:

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