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Book Budget Template

Looking for a way to stay organized and on budget with your book launch? Avoid costly mistakes with my Book Launch Budget Template. It's a part of my Book Launch Success Kit. This template is 1 of the 6 templates that helped me to make $2200 in book sales before my books were published.

In this video, I share:

👉🏾Items to look out for when budgeting for your book launch

👉🏾How to track expenses vs. income

👉🏾What costs to track when releasing your book

This template is a resource you can use to document everything that you need for your book launch and book release process.

Once you open it, you'll see the headers across the top:

● Line items

● Estimate

● Cost

● Details/description

Not yet calculated

On each of the expense categories, I've added notes to help you use this resource. This will make sure you are doing as best as possible to estimate these costs. Publishing and marketing a book can be an expensive project, so keeping an eye on your costs is key to make sure you stay on budget. The Book Launch Budget Template also helped me to track how much money I made from my book launches which resulted in me MAKING MONEY before my books came out (through the use of presales). Additionally, some of the items have links on them so they are a little easier for you to navigate.

Be sure to check out the video above for a full walk through of this resource and grab your copy

below or get the full success kit here.

If you still don’t have this as a part of the success kit or want to get this template by itself, check out the link below.

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