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Get from the page to the people ™ 

It's time to get the sales your book deserves. 

Let's publish profitably with efficient and effective marketing strategies!

You know your book is meant to change the world, but you're not quite sure where to start. You know your stuff, but publishing and selling a book is new to you. You know you can have a successful book, but you need a clear plan to bring it all together. 

Well, let me tell you, you're in the right house.

Shep Publishing House helps authors get from the page to the people™ to publish profitably with efficient and effective marketing strategies. As a six time best selling author who's sold 5000 books in less than four years while working a full time job, I get how busy you are! 

I also understand that all strategies to sell your book aren't created equal. Honestly, there's a lot of bad book marketing advice out there that's a waste of time. Time you just don't have to waste. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own: 

  • Use proven strategies that work

  • Know exactly how to find your ideal readers

  • Create raving fans to get paid to publish™ as an independent author 


We focus on methods that help you make sales from day one without taking up all of your extra time. 

Your book is your baby, and we treat it with gentle loving care by finding the perfect marketing and publishing options for you! 

If you're ready to get your book in the hands of raving fans who are happy to share it with others, pick an option below to get started.


Owner of Shep Publishing House

Our Services

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Learn how we can help bring your book to life! From guided journals to self help to novels, we offer a variety of publishing packages to get your book from the page to the people. 

Starting From:


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Need 1 on 1 support? Want to pick my brain? There's a coaching package for that! Let me help you get unstuck. Get guidance on book launching, publishing, strategies for authors, and more! 



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Want to publish your book to raving fans? Need effective and efficient marketing strategies? Want to cover your publishing costs before your book is even out? Check out the options we have here to help get your books in the hands of your ideal readers.



Professionally Published:

Your book shouldn't scream self-published! Our expert team delivers professional, bookstore quality books that hold their own next to any traditionally published book. 

Our 100% Promise:

You keep

  • 100% of your book royalties

  • 100% of the copyright to your book

  • 100% of the book files we produce for you.

It's all yours, just as it should be!

One-on-One Support

With built in coaching calls and one-on-one support from day one of your publishing journey, you can always get your questions answered and stay updated on the status of your book.



Ready to start? Let's connect!

Find out the best options to get your book into the hands of raving fans! 


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Author, Self-Love Journal: 12 Ways To Love Yourself Like God Wants You To

Author, Finding The Love You Deserve: 30 Lessons in Self-Love and Acceptance

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Chicago, Illinois

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Ready to Get the Sales Your Book Deserves? Book a Call

Don't have any questions, and ready to get started? Head over to our publishing or marketing page and pick your package instead. 

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