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We have packages to fit every budget and level of involvement with your project. Choose from done for you marketing to learning how become a pro yourself. 

Done FOR You

This is perfect for you if you would rather focus on your book or business than the marketing, want to avoid costly mistakes trying to figure it out yourself, and want the red carpet roll out.

The Everything But The Kitchen Sink Package

Done For You Marketing: Email, Social Media, Marketing Plan, and Partnerships
Imagine having: 
  • An highly interested core audience of ready to buy readers  

  • Making three or four figures before your book even comes out

  • Focusing on your book while your marketing is done for you

  • Speaking gigs with brand partners and influencers with your ideal reader 

  • A thorough and organized book launch of efficient money making strategies 


Creation & Implementation of Book Launch Plan Timeline ($300 value) 

  • Guide of weekly launch steps during the book launch process (to know when to do what)

  • Includes coordinating social media, partnerships, and emails to support the launch

Social Media Marketing (valued at $1500) - 12 weeks

  • Create posts design and wording for 2 months leading up to launch

  • Countdown Posts (x number of months, 2 weeks, 1 week, 1-5 days countdown) 

  • Book mockup posts with coming soon (with date) 

  • Book Launch Party Flyer 

  • 1 post a week on 2 social media platforms during the 2 months before your launch

  • Live video schedule 

  • Social Media post ideas you can use to market your book

Email Marketing (valued at $1500) 

1 email a week the 2 months leading up to launch + two weeks after books  launch (12 emails)

  • Emails may include but are not limited to: 

  • Welcome series for interest list to use with lead magnet to build book insiders list

  • Book Launch Party Announcement

  • Book updates to bring your reader into the journey 

Partnerships ($700 value)

  • Part I - Brand Partners:  

    • Compile at least 30 Brand Partnership Opportunities (Ex. Podcasts, Facebook/Instagram Lives, Organizations, Social Groups, etc)

    • Email templates to reach out to potential partners

  • Part II - Promotional Partnership (aka Street Team):

    • Email templates to develop promo partnerships - friends and family who want to celebrate your book launch

    • Social media template wording and graphics


  • 3 Coaching Calls ($600 value)

  • Profitable Publishing eBook + Video Trainings ($100 value)

  • Book Launch Masterclass ($300 value) 

  • Book Launch Success Kit ($500 value) 

VALUE $5500
PRICE $3997

Select one of the options to the left to get started. You can either hop on a call to get your questions answered, or start right away if you're on a time crunch. Payment plans are available for this service. 

Done WITH You

This is perfect for you if you would need to be pointed in the right direction, need clarity on some of your questions, have time to learn, and are coachable. 

The Foundation Package

8 Weeks of 1 on 1 coaching for publishing, marketing or both 
  • Biweekly access to a 2x Best Selling Author and Book Marketing Strategist to ask all of your burning questions

  • Finding out the costly mistakes your making with strategies that don't actually work

  • Talking through your book release ideas and get feedback 

  • Understanding which resources are the best for your type of book release

  • Knowing which profitable strategies will boost your sales

  • Need a little direction, but are good to go once you get started? 

  • Pick my brain and tap into my experience as a 2x best selling author who knows exactly where you’ve been as a new author! Get insights through 1 on 1 coaching and get guidance on important marketing or publishing components of book marketing: 

  • Free and low cost marketing options

  • How to launch your book to raving fans

  • Creating a presale to get sales before your book is out

  • Your choice!


  • Profitable Publishing eBook + Video Trainings ($100 value)

VALUE $1600
PRICE $1197

Once you fill out your questionnaire, we're able to craft a custom set of sessions to fit your publishing or marketing needs. This can happen before, during, or after your book is released. Sessions are held at times convenient to you. 

Done BY You

This is perfect for you if you work well independently but with templates and self paced resources, are pretty tech savvy, and have a lot of down time to create your items yourself using tools.  

The Blueprint Packages

Do It Yourself With A Little Help
Imagine having: 
  • A guide to avoid costly mistakes while releasing your book 

  • An organized book launch that creates avid supporters

  • Easy to follow steps to reach out to brands, organizations, and podcasts for partnerships

  • A clear step by step guide of how to launch your book to raving fans

You'll learn how to:
  • Increase book sales in 3 free and easy ways 

  • Map out your book launch time line to keep your launch stress free and on track

  • Use 4 ways to promote your book for free (or inexpensively) 

  • Get your book in front of the right people even if you work full time, have kids, and a partner

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to Masterclass

  • Immediate Delivery to Get Started Right Away 

  • Resource Guide 

VALUE $597
PRICE $297

Click the blue button to get immediate access to the Book Launch Masterclass and all the additional resources that come with it. 

See the results achieved from this masterclass below!

Example 1:

The Daniel Fast 21 Day Food and Faith Journal

  • $760 in presales in 2 weeks

  • 400 copies sold in 2 months

  • 2500 copies sold in 2 years 

17385770_1614169573ZJSScreen_Shot_2020-12-30_at_1.11.59_AM (1).webp

Example 2: 

New Mom Thoughts: Real Questions for Moms with Real Feelings

  • $1400 in presales in 6 weeks

  • 200 copies sold in 2 months 

Done For You
Done With You
Done By You


Rockville, Maryland

Author, Self-Love Journal: 12 Ways To Love Yourself Like God Wants You To


  • 180 Books Sold in 2 Weeks

  • #1 Hot New Release in Journal Writing

  • 2 Podcast Episodes Secured within 2 Weeks of Book Launch

Author, Finding The Love You Deserve: 30 Lessons in Self-Love and Acceptance


  • Multiple Speaking Gigs

  • 50 Amazon Reviews within 2 Months of Book's Release

  • Created 4 Part Workshop Around Book's Topic

  • Book Clubs Created By Readers

Author, Just Tori


Chicago, Illinois

Grovetown, Georgia

Some of Our Marketing Clients

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