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Tools To Use


Amazon KDP- Become a self published author by uploading your book directly to be accessible to millions of people across the world. Plus, the best part, it’s free 99 to upload, and you won’t be charged anything until your book sells. Amazon handles customer service, returns, automatically requests reviews, and advertises for you (if you set up your listing the right way.) In exchange, they take 40% plus the cost to print the book. For my books after Amazon’s cut, I get $4-5 per book. Here’s the calculator they share to help see how much yours would be. 

Ingram SparkAs the world's largest wholesale distributor, it’s absolutely worth considering adding your book for access to bookstores across the world. Bookstores they distribute to include Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Target, and hundreds of other stores across the globe.


Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great way to connect, get advice from other authors and publishers, plus get/give feedback. Here are a few I recommend: 


Book Launches & Presales

Book Launch Masterclass- Imagine having a successful and profitable book launch without going through a traditional publisher. With immediate and unlimited access to updates, resource guide, workshop in Video, downloadable audio, and printable slides, this masterclass is your step-by-step plan in launching your book fast.

Book Launch Success Kit- Get paid to launch your book instead of paying to launch your book. Get the exact templates I used to make $2200 before my books were even out. Have an organized book launch even if you're self published, working full time, have a kids, and a spouse.

HARO- Help a Reporter Out is just like it sounds. Reporters from multiple outlets reach out via email to request sources for pieces they’re working on. You can pick which categories you want to be notified about, and you’ll get daily emails with potential opportunities for you to pitch. Now, I will warn you that you’ll get about 1-3 emails a day, so turn on an email filter so your inbox doesn’t get clogged.

MailerLite- Email your audience to keep them up to date about your book launch process. MailerLite is my recommended email service provider of choice for beginners. You can schedule emails to your subscribers, track opens, and accept payments all in the same app. 

Gumroad- If you’re hosting a presale or want to have another option for your book buyers, Gumroad is an easy-to-use and simple option if you don’t have your own website up and running. 

Book Launch Email Templates- Bring your readers along on your journey by sending them updates which help you sell more books, and create an army of raving fans before your book is even out. These are the exact templates I used to make $2200 in presales before my books were released. 

Book Launch Party Examples

Social Media

While it’s important to find where your book’s reader hangs out, it’s also important to find methods that work well for you when posting if social media is a strategy you’ll use to market your books. 

Later.comSchedule social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more! Also, track how your posts are doing all in one spot. 

Facebook Business Suite or Facebook Creator Studio- Schedule posts to Facebook and Instagram, track your impact, manage messages from followers, and stay organized all in one spot. 

Canva.comCreate high quality social media graphics to schedule directly to your platforms. Design lead magnets (free offers) for your clients as well as paid products.

My ChoiceI use all of the above for different reasons! 

Graphic Design

CanvaThe paid version is absolutely worth it at less than $15 a month. That’s less than 5 copies of your book! 

Adobe Illustrator- A little fancier than Canva with a sharper learning curve. Edit PDFs and use for book formatting.

Book Bird If you're just starting out and need some help with getting your journal organized, check out these free templates. 

 My Choice- I use Canva for simple graphics to post on social media, emails, and to screen record as well. As a new author Adobe Illustrator is likely more than you’ll need starting out. 

Video Software

Loom - Provide prerecorded training where viewers can comment, record short screen recorded videos to answer client questions about items on your website or how to leave reviews on Amazon, share private video links to exclusive content, and get your videos auto transcribed to reuse for blog posts/articles, etc to repurpose your content

Zoom - Host private events, challenges, virtual summits, and bonus training for your audience to create an experience around your book   

Staying Organized

Project Management System help you to not miss dates, stay on track and keep yourself accountable. 

My choice-

Google Drive - store all of your files and everything you need

Google Photos - Get the unlimited storage option to be able to keep all of your book marketing photos, behind the scenes videos, etc

Tracking Book Sales

Book Report Chrome Extension - Be mindful that after a certain point, you will be charged to view these stats. Once you make $1000 in book sales the month prior you’ll be asked to pay $19/month or $190 for the year. *Ask me how I know*

KDP Reports Beta - If your books are sold on Amazon, you’ll be able to view their stats under reports. You can see amount sold per month, where your books were purchased across the world, how many pages folks read of your ebooks and more!

My choice- Book Report is easier to read and get stats for certain time periods, but Amazon KDP is free 99 always. For most users Book Report is the better option until you reach the threshold where you have to pay…which is a good thing!

Books I Love

It’s important to keep your mind in shape while releasing or preparing to launch your book. Below are options that helped to stretch me and grow. 

  • Launch by Jeff Walker - launching (releasing) any product or service

  • Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy - decreasing procrastination and increasing productivity

Most of these are free or have a free option, but for the ones that don't, there is a chance that they are affiliate links. That means the company gives me a small percentage of your sign up fee at no extra cost to you. I personally have used the majority of these options and love them. The few I haven't, have been highly recommended by a client or colleague. Try them out and see what works for you, because everyone is different.

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