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About Us

Shep Publishing House is the creation of new best selling author Ashley Shepard. After selling 1000 books in her first year as an author, Ashley was inspired to help other new and first time authors do the same. Through unique free and low cost marketing strategies, Shep Publishing House focuses on helping authors publish books profitably. At Shep Publishing House, we focus on: 

  • Helping authors who are also working full time and feel stretched too then

  • Creating raving fans for your books before they’re released

  • Strategic marketing strategies to have your book sell itself. 

Shep Publishing House is at your service to help you get your words from the page to the people™. 

Our Results

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New Mom Thoughts


Inspired by her own journey as a mom, Ashley Shepard created a guided journal to help new moms practice self care. Using the book presale and launch process outlined above, New Mom Thoughts: Real Questions for Moms with Real Feelings sold 200 copies within the first 2 months of its release.To date, this book has sold over 300 copies worldwide and resulted in a 54% book launch profits

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The Daniel Fast

21 Day Food and Faith Journal

The Daniel Fast 21 Day Food and Faith Journal sold 400 copies in 2 months reaching countries across the world like Italy, Germany, The United Kingdom, Canada, and of course the United States. As of January 2023, this book has sold 2500 copies worldwide and ranks in the top 10k books on Amazon each January. 


Meet the Owner: 

As a first time author, Ashley has sold over 2800 books in 2 years while working a full time job so she understands what it's like to be busy and still reach your book business goals. She is the owner of Shep Publishing House, an author agency which specializes in presales, book launches, and helping authors sell more books with efficient marketing strategies. 

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