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Make Money Selling Books

  • Publishing your book on your own?

  • Writing a book, but not sure how to sell it?

  • Want to make money publishing your own books?

  • Need help marketing your book?

Then this is the guide for you! The Profitable Publishing Guide includes strategies for publishing, marketing, and launching your book that are easy, efficient, and effective.

Follow these simple and strategic steps to increase more sales, get more reviews, and make more money as a self-published author. Get strategies to have a successful book launch and beyond!

This guide includes:

  • Pros and Cons of different popular publishing platforms

  • Book Launch Timeline

  • Video: How To Purchase an ISBN

  • Video: How to Upload (Publish) Your Book to Amazon

  • Video: How to Upload (Publish) Your Book to Ingram Spark (to get into bookstores)

  • Video: How to Track Book Sales on Amazon KDP

  • Video: How to Track Book Sales on Ingram Spark

  • Video: How to Order Author Copies on Amazon KDP

  • Video: How to Order Author Copies on Ingram Spark

  • Video: How to Find Out Which Stores Picked Up Your Book

  • How to Get Your Book Into Indie Bookstores

  • How to Get Your Book Into Libraries

  • Marketing strategies for a successful book launch

  • Video Live Streaming Tips for Beginners

  • List of Videos to Boost Sales

  • Examples of Videos to Boost Sales

  • Launch Party Tip Sheet

  • Launch Party "Run of Show"

  • Launch Party Examples (2)

  • Amazon A+ Content Examples

  • 20 Video Ideas to Post as an Author and MORE!

Check out a preview below:

These are the exact strategies I used to sell 1000 copies in 1 year while working full time and then repeat the process to sell 1000 books in 5 months. Build your book business while working your 9-5 with this guide.

This resource includes lifetime updates which means as I add more, your copy will automatically be updated as well. The topics for the guide come from my authors who work with me or questions that I get throughout my time working with clients. So I've compiled all of those into a guide to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. In case you need to look at it again, I have linked the video recording that you can review anytime.

You can either go through the guide in order or pick from the menus based upon what you need help with. I’ve split it up into three sections including: publishing, marketing, and launching.

  1. Publishing: This section answers the top self-publishing questions that many new authors have when they’re just getting started. Here are some of the videos included:

  • Uploading your book to your website or to Amazon

  • Tracking book stats on Amazon

  • Tracking book stats on Ingram Spark

  • Ordering author copies

  • How to track sales on Amazon and IngramSpark

  • How to find out when you’ll get paid royalties

  1. Selling

This section is for authors who really want to increase the book sales. I’m talking about waking up to books sold while you sleep. This portion of the guide includes tips and videos on the following topics:

  • How to do live videos

  • How to stand out on Amazon

  • 20 video ideas for social media

  • How to check your book’s sales status

  • Checking your Amazon Best Seller status

  • Creating an Amazon Author Page

  1. Launching

Most authors release their book. Efficient authors LAUNCH their book. What exactly is launching? It’s a series of strategic steps to get your book in front of the right audience to avoid releasing to crickets. Launches help potential buyers come along for the book release journey so they feel a part and are active in the process. This leads to having raving fans who are willing to advertise your book on your behalf.

Resources in this section include:

  • Tips for your book launch party

  • Book launch timeline

  • Examples of book announcement videos

  • Examples of book unboxing videos

  • Examples of book launch parties

  • Videos to sell your book

One of the benefits of this guide is that it continuously has updates so that you're able to get those different nuggets as they come. If you are my publishing client, you already get a copy of this e-guide. If you are not a publishing client of mine, and you would like to purchase this book, you can check out the link below. It's currently at 50 pages and it's going to continuously grow. This is something that will definitely help you to be able to market your book and sell to clients without a lot of extra effort.

Check out the Profitable Publishing Guide today and grab your copy below.

Get yours here:

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